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    Hello everyone, To start off, most of you know me, but for the ones that don't, I'm Nuke. My current XBL GT is "Sarver", but you can call me Nuke. I have been a member here at BHL for almost 8 years now. I have spent several of years in the past holding various staff positions for the website, sometimes holding many roles at once. For have being a member for so long, I have seen BHL at its best and at its worst. I originally joined BHL back in the start of MW2 to boost my way to master prestige. I think that is the reason many of us joined considering BHL=Boosters Hotline. All of us reading this still log in today because BHL is a great community, and not just that, we are a FAMILY. It is obvious that our daily log ins now are very low. Everyday people log in and say "What the hell happened to this place?". This is very frustrating because we all miss when BHL was at its best. With the release of the newest call of duty, I think that we can recruit people to the site. We have a boosting method that works and is safe so far. We can recruit people for legit lobbies, boosting lobbies, and to join our forums. We can use this opportunity to expand our family. Below I will list a few ideas that I have for growing the website and getting it more active. 1. Play Together -Everyone remembers when the SB used to be full of banners right? Both legit and boosting. We can get the name out if all of us every single time we play legit on WW2 we post on the SB to see if anyone wants to join. If we get a group of BHL members to play legit and we do well, people may start asking to play with us and start wondering about BHL and how they can get in. Everyone should wear their [BHL] clan tags as well. I'm 100% guilty of this because i have been playing a lot of solo legit. From now on ill post on the SB whenever I play legit to see if I can get a team going. 2. Message Recent Players -This is something I used to do all the time. I would play a few games of legit and then send a mass recruiting message to about 100 recent players just explaining about what BHL is, how we would love to have them on our team and how they can join. I'm not sure if you can even send mass messages like this but if we can't, we can still message 1-2 people every few games or so can't we? It requires work but thats what its going to take to bring BHL back to life, WORK. 3. Recruiting Posts -This is something that I used to do all the time. Post recruiting messages on other gaming forums. Call of duty players are always looking for friends to play with. Before making the posts make sure that it doesn't break any rules on the forum in which you are posting it on. These don't have to be long annoying posts but they can be short and sweet. Add pictures, people love pictures. 4. Let's get boosting I know that boosting has been real risky to non-existent in the past few cods. BHL started as a boosting site and a boosting site only so when older members log on, they wonder if we have a method to boost the new COD. We do have a method, and nobody has been banned yet. I understand if people want to wait to boost or don't want to risk it at all, its your choice. I haven't boosted the new cod yet but i will be soon. Anybody that knows me knows that I was a hardcore booster, so once I start I won't be able to stop. Every day we have old members logging in asking to boost, so when i can ill try to get some boosting lobbies in. Sorry for the long post, but these are just a few ideas that i have. I think these are very simple steps that will help rebuild BHL. We all need to help get BHL active again, and we can do it. Thanks for reading. -Nuke