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    Hey guys, This post is for the discussion on what you would like to see on BHL, nothing is considered stupid or irrelevant to us. As most of you may have realised, we are at an all time low when it comes to activity on the forums and we are seeking ways to improve this so your input is vital for us moving forward. Please reply to this post with any thoughts you may that could relate to the following: What made you come here in the first place? What would you add to the site to make it better? How would you improve activity on the forums and shoutbox? Are the staff members doing enough to keep your attention on BHL? If anything, what would you remove from the site or change to improve it? Have you any interest in becoming a staff member to help us change things? and if so what ideas or skills can you bring to the table? These are just some guidelines, not a questionnaire of sorts, so please reply below with your thoughts, they would be greatly appreciated amongst us staff! Thanks, Beastly