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    Fellow BHL Members, On behalf of the BHL Management and Advisory Teams we would like to congratulate... Sox18 z 7rAdeMarK iAnnaBanana BHL x Viper BHL x Tyler BHL MR GOOD ...on their promotion to the rank of Captain. All of these members are very well respected throughout the BHL Community and we are sure they will do an amazing job in their new role. Congratulation
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    September 11th, 2001 On September 11th, 2001, the world awoke one morning to a day that would be forever remembered as one of the most tragic days in history. 8:48 AM , an American Airliner flight that had been hijacked on a Boston to Los Angeles flight crashed into the north tower of New York City's 110-story World Trade Center. 9:06 AM, a second hijacked plane also on the same route from Boston to Los Angeles hit the south tower. 9:40 AM, American Airliner Flight 77, hijacked after taking off from Dulles Airport near Washington, crashed into the Pentagon. A fourth plane, taken over by the passengers held hostage aboard crashed in a field in Pensilvania, foiling a possible attack on the White House, or Capital Building. 10:30 AM, Both of the towers collapsed to the ground. After reviewing these short facts, i want you all to remember the ones who lost their lives in this act of terror. Some 2600 people perished in the building, along with 343 brave and couragous firefighters who risked their lives to help everyone else. This is a tragic day 9/11 was. The 102 minutes of horror will be known as the day that stood still. The acts of courage from the citizens that helped victims to safety to the firefighters risking everything for the freedom of everyone else, will never be forgotten. To those of you in BHL who lost a loved one on that day, i pray for them. God bless America (message to MT+, please consider this topic under the News and Announcements forum, in my opinion it would show alot of respect and its short and simple)
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    Well done , you look sexy in orange. Sox18 z 7rAdeMarK iAnnaBanana BHL x Tyler BHL MR GOOD
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    Congrats, guys and gals, lol. well done, make us proud.
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    You know your a n00b on BHL if you hit F6 instead of F5.