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    Dear BHLgaming.com, Over 4 years ago, i was last active on this site as an Advisor to the community of a wonderful group of men and women. I was someone you guys thought I was that I was not and I'm writing this as an apology to some old friends. Less than a year after my leave from BHL with determination to follow in my fathers footsteps, whom was the one I carried the persona of, I enlisted in the U.S. Army as 13B (field artillery). Throughout the years I learned a lot, and with that came owning to your mistakes which I had a hard time doing before the military. You folks are a great group of people that the world is blessed with and it has been an honor to communicate with the ones I have. I'm not asking for forgiveness, just simply apologizing for my wrong doings. Be safe fellas and game on.
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    Wow, I haven't touched these forums since 2014. Crazy to see all of this is still running.
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    It's been wayyy to long. Hows everyone been?