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    Hi, For anyone interested in knowing how to boost WW2 and gain up to 150,000xp a game please see below on the set up for boosting Capture the Flag: REQUIREMENTS: 6 x Players 2 x Controllers HOW TO: Six people search for a Capture the flag lobby with your second controller logged on at the same time as everyone else. This may take a while but ultimately just keep searching until you are all in the same lobby with your second controllers. IN GAME INSTRUCTIONS: There are four rounds of Capture the Flag so two people each round from each team will run to the enemy spawn, grab the enemy flag and spawn trap the enemy team. At the end of the round two others take turns. If you don't care about KD, you can gain well over 200,000k XP per game plus challenges and camos. Very easy to do and as long as people are good boosters and can stay around for a while you can easily do a prestige a day. DISCLAIMER: Do this at your own risk! There is no safe way of boosting XP in COD anymore. My suggestion would be to boost this method for an hour or two and stop for the day. There is a ban wave coming soon also so be careful to stay under the radar. Any questions just ask. I haven't done this method myself but I have heard from some friends that this is the best way. -Mackay
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    What made you come here in the first place? I first came here in 2009 to boost WaW. Wasn't much of a site guy at the time, just wanted to rank up fast. Was not until MW2/BO1 where i got more active on the forums. What would you add to the site to make it better? The site overall is fine. I am use to the layout of these forums (Been here for 9 years). There is really nothing I can think of to make the site "Better" It is perfectly fine the way it is. Besides my SB being messed up at the moment ;). How would you improve activity on the forums and shoutbox? First off is just get people posting on the forums; ask questions, try and gather people up for upcoming games, discuss DLC, glitches, tips and tricks etc. Normally if you want activity to go up, post on the shoutbox whenever you get on the site. Having some activity on the SB when people are on makes it a lot better for newcomers instead of having hour long gaps between SB posts. Are the staff members doing enough to keep your attention on BHL? Yes I believe the staff members are doing an excellent job. If anything, what would you remove from the site or change to improve it? I am use to how things are. The one thing I would propose changing is how the games out laid out on the forums. For example, Instead of having separate forums for Destiny 1 and 2. We could just merge the 2 into one forum and then have sub forums going to each game. Same with BF1 and CoD. There may be a reason why it was made like this but this is just my opinion. I also agree that the ranks could use a brush up. I like that you can achieve a rank via forum post, because it brings up activity. But I would like to see more of a incentive to achieving these ranks. I honestly do not know at the moment how this can be done, I am just throwing the idea out there. Other than that I cannot think of anything that needs changing. Have you any interest in becoming a staff member to help us change things? and if so what ideas or skills can you bring to the table? I have been staff a few times in the past. I would honestly like to take another shot at it. All my ideas are listed above.
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    Hello everyone, To start off, most of you know me, but for the ones that don't, I'm Nuke. My current XBL GT is "Sarver", but you can call me Nuke. I have been a member here at BHL for almost 8 years now. I have spent several of years in the past holding various staff positions for the website, sometimes holding many roles at once. For have being a member for so long, I have seen BHL at its best and at its worst. I originally joined BHL back in the start of MW2 to boost my way to master prestige. I think that is the reason many of us joined considering BHL=Boosters Hotline. All of us reading this still log in today because BHL is a great community, and not just that, we are a FAMILY. It is obvious that our daily log ins now are very low. Everyday people log in and say "What the hell happened to this place?". This is very frustrating because we all miss when BHL was at its best. With the release of the newest call of duty, I think that we can recruit people to the site. We have a boosting method that works and is safe so far. We can recruit people for legit lobbies, boosting lobbies, and to join our forums. We can use this opportunity to expand our family. Below I will list a few ideas that I have for growing the website and getting it more active. 1. Play Together -Everyone remembers when the SB used to be full of banners right? Both legit and boosting. We can get the name out if all of us every single time we play legit on WW2 we post on the SB to see if anyone wants to join. If we get a group of BHL members to play legit and we do well, people may start asking to play with us and start wondering about BHL and how they can get in. Everyone should wear their [BHL] clan tags as well. I'm 100% guilty of this because i have been playing a lot of solo legit. From now on ill post on the SB whenever I play legit to see if I can get a team going. 2. Message Recent Players -This is something I used to do all the time. I would play a few games of legit and then send a mass recruiting message to about 100 recent players just explaining about what BHL is, how we would love to have them on our team and how they can join. I'm not sure if you can even send mass messages like this but if we can't, we can still message 1-2 people every few games or so can't we? It requires work but thats what its going to take to bring BHL back to life, WORK. 3. Recruiting Posts -This is something that I used to do all the time. Post recruiting messages on other gaming forums. Call of duty players are always looking for friends to play with. Before making the posts make sure that it doesn't break any rules on the forum in which you are posting it on. These don't have to be long annoying posts but they can be short and sweet. Add pictures, people love pictures. 4. Let's get boosting I know that boosting has been real risky to non-existent in the past few cods. BHL started as a boosting site and a boosting site only so when older members log on, they wonder if we have a method to boost the new COD. We do have a method, and nobody has been banned yet. I understand if people want to wait to boost or don't want to risk it at all, its your choice. I haven't boosted the new cod yet but i will be soon. Anybody that knows me knows that I was a hardcore booster, so once I start I won't be able to stop. Every day we have old members logging in asking to boost, so when i can ill try to get some boosting lobbies in. Sorry for the long post, but these are just a few ideas that i have. I think these are very simple steps that will help rebuild BHL. We all need to help get BHL active again, and we can do it. Thanks for reading. -Nuke
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    What made you come here in the first place? to find more friends to game with and talk about video games with What would you add to the site to make it better? make groups for each game type people like and have weekly meeting to play/talk about whats going on(news with site or recent turnys) How would you improve activity on the forums and shoutbox? have more events that are just for the forums like word game forums, graphic contests, quizes, hide and seek forums Are the staff members doing enough to keep your attention on BHL? i dont think so but havent really been around as of late If anything, what would you remove from the site or change to improve it? i dont really like the ranks for posting as this is a gaming site first, maybe a mix of them Have you any interest in becoming a staff member to help us change things? and if so what ideas or skills can you bring to the table? i did at one point but staff didn't listen to my ideas or concerns so was more of a headache then it was fun
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    New Supply Drops Legendary Supply Drop Epic Supply Drop Weapon Supply Drop Gewehr 43 Base Variant Variant 1 Variant 2 Variant 3 Variant 4 Sideview 500 Kills Calling Card Type 5 Placeholder Image 500 Kills Calling Card Volkstrumgewehr Base Variant Angled View Beretta 38 Base Variant Variant 1 Variant 2 Angled View Variant 1 Angled View Variant 2 Angled View Side View Sten Base Variant Variant 1 Variant 2 Variant 3 Variant 4 Angled View Sideview Breda 30 Base Variant Variant 1 Variant 2 Variant 3 Variant 4 Sideview M1919 Base Variant Angled View 500 Kills Calling Card Video of this weapon in the Campaign MG81 Base Variant Variant 1 Variant 2 Variant 3 Arisaka Base Variant Variant 1 Variant 2 Variant 3 Variant 4 Angled View Winchester 94 Lever Action Sideview Enfield No. 2 Base Variant Angled View You can also find this weapon in the Hill 493 Campaign Mission. Walther P38 Base Variant Angled View Reichsrevolver Sideview Icepick Base Variant Variant 1 Variant 2 Variant 3 Variant 4 Combat Knife Base Variant Variant 1 Trench Knife Base Variant Variant 1 Variant 2 Variant 3 Variant 4 Gewehr 43, Breda 30, and Reichsrevolver Animations
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    Welcome to our first Patch Note Update! We’ve heard the community loud and clear over social channels, and we’re working around the clock to ensure a better experience for all players. We’ve been tracking issues as they arise on our end and have pushed an update to address some of your top concerns. Below are all the changes and fixes we pushed out today. COD:WWII MULTIPLAYER UPDATES: Connectivity improvements and optimizations Fixed de-ranking issues Addressed an issue where players encountered an infinite load screen Leaderboard stability improvements and bug fixes General UI improvements Loading optimizations Splitscreen functionality improvements Added new unlock inventory stars to indicate when new items are added Adjusted hit marker audio to be higher default level (note: can be adjusted in settings) Fixed out of world exploits on Gustav Cannon and Sainte Marie du Mont Espionage Basic Training - Reduced painted time from 10 seconds to 6. Made it so only bullet damage paints you. Weapon tuning to allow for one shot kills outside of hardcore mode, enabling challenge completion. Fixed infinite flamethrower bug XP Earn rate tuned in Operation Neptune Fix issue of shotgun variants not appearing Emblem Editor and visualization improvements GameBattles Improvements Fixed Gridiron Ball exploits COD:WWII MULTIPLAYER WEAPON TUNING UPDATES: BUFFs - Walther Toggle Action Shotgun - Damage increased at extremely close range Bren LMG - Increased damage per shot LMG Bipod - Sped up ADS time when in bipod stance NERFs - BAR Rifle - decreased fire rate and widened hip fire spread STG44 Rifle - widened hip fire spread FG42 Rifle - increased recoil and widened hip fire spread Machine Pistol - decreased damage ranges SNIPER CLASS - Fixed a bug with all Sniper Rifles zooming to exact center when aiming down the sights. COD:WWII NAZI ZOMBIES UPDATES: Zombie Map Exploit Fix - clipping into a zombie spawn closet using revive mechanic in Laboratory Fixed Klaus pathing Fixed out of world exploit - The Final Reich Be on the lookout for an additional update tomorrow, along with Call of Duty: WWII PC Game Updates. Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WWII/comments/7bzenj/call_of_duty_wwii_game_update_1110_ps4xb1/.
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    Hey guys, This post is for the discussion on what you would like to see on BHL, nothing is considered stupid or irrelevant to us. As most of you may have realised, we are at an all time low when it comes to activity on the forums and we are seeking ways to improve this so your input is vital for us moving forward. Please reply to this post with any thoughts you may that could relate to the following: What made you come here in the first place? What would you add to the site to make it better? How would you improve activity on the forums and shoutbox? Are the staff members doing enough to keep your attention on BHL? If anything, what would you remove from the site or change to improve it? Have you any interest in becoming a staff member to help us change things? and if so what ideas or skills can you bring to the table? These are just some guidelines, not a questionnaire of sorts, so please reply below with your thoughts, they would be greatly appreciated amongst us staff! Thanks, Beastly
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    If your lucky enough to have pre-ordered the game and gotten a prestige unlock token then I highly suggest you unlock the Rifle known as 'BAR'! If you didn't get a token then just wait it out and unlock this weapon at level 50. This gun boasts very little recoil at medium and long range and if burst fired you can snipe enemies from any position on the map. The iron sights are clean and easy to use, you will be able to see any enemy with these iron sights. The weapon starts of with an ammo clip that only holds 20 ammo, slightly on the low side for a rifle but it makes up for it in damage and punch. I suggest you level up the weapon and unlock extended mags which will extend the clip to 30 rounds. Below is a configuration I use for the weapon, I melt through enemies with this setup and come out constantly on top of the leader board, I have also prestiged the weapon twice and am on my way to getting those 100 headshots for the gold camo! Division: Infantry - Because this is the main division for rifles, once you get it max level you will gain the ability to have a rifle bayonet, additional primary attachment, extra magazines and move significantly faster while aiming down sights which is extremely useful Basic Training: Primed - Because this ribbon allows you to have an additional primary attachment, bringing your total to 4, and you flinch less when shot Primary: BAR Attachments: Reflex Sight, Rapid Fire, Extended Mag, Grip Secondary: Pick whatever you want Lethal: Pick whatever you want Below are some clips I got while using this weapon in-game. As you can see it just melts through anyone with ease! https://1drv.ms/v/s!AkKpA7iPXVKCa9rNRyVBSZ1HHzM If you have any thoughts on this weapon then let me know in the comments! Or if you have a weapon you use that you think is better.
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    Looking for some people to play WW2 with on Xbox One. GT is Mackay x.
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    So let me start off by saying that I really enjoyed playing this game. I have many hours on record on Steam and some decent stats. In-fact, I was thinking about buying the game for the other consoles as well! However, it's now my action to stop playing the game and supporting the development of the game. Here's why. The game is pushing out updates to try and reach a final version of the game before the end of the year. That's great news! However, what's not great news is that along with these updates is a lack of update that is really important to the future of the game. This is the situation and overwhelming issue with the hackers and/or cheaters. It seems that every game that I join into now has at least one hacker with a aimbot, ESP, auto-fire, or speed hack. This is a major issue, and it has been reported many of times. The development team has pushed a recent update to try and solve this hacking issue, but still nothing has changed. Last night, for example, I was enjoying a game of squads with a few buddies and had our game cut short because of a hacker. Bluehole claims that they ban 6,000 hackers a day! However, it doesn't seem that is likely. Instead of worrying about fixing this major issue, they have decided to try and push out more updates to the game such as changes to the blue-zone, releasing a Xbox version, and much more. They are leaving out the PC community by ignoring the cheating that's taking over the game. They know that the cheating is coming from China in the majority. The main reason for this is pretty clear to me. When a hacker gets banned, he/she can buy the game in China for a fraction of the cost here in the states. This means that by having their account(s) banned, they are able to just buy the game for cheap and carry out their hacking ways. I am willing to bet that Bluehole isn't doing anything about the cheating solely for the fact that they are still generating money from the hackers buying fresh accounts. Of course, this is just speculation and has no ground to stand on. My vouch is to never touch this game until they fix this issue. I have un-installed the game from my Steam library and have thought about pursuing a refund if at all possible. I was going to buy a Xbox One S and pick up a copy of PUBG for it sometime in February when I'm in AIT for the Army. However, that has now changed and I'll be spending my money on other great titles such as Call of Duty: World War II. What's your thoughts on this? Do you notice cheaters and the problem it's creating? Would you support the company/game if they never corrected this issue on PC? Thanks, TGT