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    Hey people, hope everyone is well and looking forward to christmas. Be safe over the holidays guys. If anyone got PS4 and wanna catch up or anything more than welcome to add me always room for fellow BHL members. PSN: xHargreaves
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    Hey all, Over the past few years, I've been involved with gaming communities and giving people the basics to boost their sites SEO and get them noticed. Yes, BHL was dedicated to boosting. Back in the day, that was the major thing. However, take a peek at today's gaming and you'll see some different styles. MLG is still going strong, along with just competitions in general. Apart from that, most gaming forums offer a lot more diverse aspects to their community. PC sections are huge to CS:GO and Minecraft, console games are huge on the latest games that are coming out or just recently came out. Take a look at our current forum structure. Most of it is inactive and haven't received a new post in a while. If it does, it's just because someone happened to login to BHL and notice a topic that interests them. Sad thing is, that topic might have been a few months ago or half a year ago. The site is growing inactive more and more. I believe it's because there is not a lot of people sparking new conversations and topics on the forums. Shoutbox messages doesn't get the site noticed. That doesn't boost us in SEO searches, so it doesn't help when people only post there. In my opinion, the entire forum structure needs to be changed and thought about for a good minute. If you load up five popular gaming forums, you'll notice a trend. 1. Forum structure is easy to understand, and is simplified 2. Forum nodes focus on the most active games or topics, the rest are categorized into sub categories, for they are inactive most the times. 3. Gaming news and reviews are huge for these forums, in fact, that's a huge reason why they are #1 - #5 and are active with millions of posts. 4. Gaming products are apart of that forum, due to their huge active base of people. People go there to learn more about it. 5. Most, if not all, of the gaming communities are highly active on Social Media such as Twitter and Facebook. This is a HUGE way to advertise. I think for the most part, the site is outdated and boring to look at. The forum structure is cluttered, we have some childish effects on names (patron is one) and a strange rank structure. I'll always be apart of BHL, but I would love to see a change to a more modern gaming community. Thanks, TheGamingTray