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    Title is a little vague. However, there are a few Discord Bots that allow you to connect your forum software to Discord. That way, when a new forum post is created, it'll post it on discord. I have it setup on my Xenforo forums and it works great. While this is IP.Board, I believe there are addons that can help achieve this. Why? It'll help create more replies to threads being created by notifying in Discord.
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    No post is to old to resurrect....
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    It doesn't seem to hard to do. You can integrate Discord into the forums really easily without the need of an addon, but you can take that a step further with proper development. Here is free source code for such integration. https://github.com/ABSAhmad/IpsDiscordIntegration I have an active IP.Board license, so I am going to mess around with this myself and make sure that it'd be what we are after. I'm still looking into connecting IP.Chat (or another chat software) to Discord. So basically you can possibly reverse talk from the forums to Discord or Discord to the forums. I think this will add more interaction on BHL and we won't have the problem of having Discord more active than on the site. New people that come on are looking for activeness, and I strongly believe this can and will help. Like I said, I'll create a test website for this purpose and see how it all runs. Shouldn't be much more different than Xenforo's Discord integration.
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    I will put this in someones hands that knows how this stuff works. Thank you for your suggestion, I think this is a great idea.
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