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    Having been a member of BHL for almost 8 years now and having been part of senior management for 5 of those years, it's safe to say I have seen the highs and lows of the site. Right now, BHL is at its lowest I have ever seen it and that taken into account when MW2 was modded we lost all of our traffic. BHL was founded by the way of "boosting" on Call of Duty, which at the time, was absolutely massive. There was competitiveness with other clans, race to max rank, being top of a leaderboard etc.. in the current state of gaming, most people hop on with their friends to game casually for a few hours then head off. What needs to be asked is what does BHL offer that you don't currently have? 5/6 years ago it was a place to meet like minded people to boost. Just now it's a place to come and game with other people. Due to inactivity on the site and no real push for gaming on the shoutbox, this isn't being fulfilled. Xbox now has a new feature in clubs that lets people meet others without the need of a website, right now you can turn your Xbox on, go to clubs and within 10 minutes fill a lobby of people looking to play Call of Duty, Battlefield, NBA, Fifa, Halo. That is the harsh reality of where we're at just now. I would love nothing more than to see BHL thriving again and shoutbox being flooded with green names all looking for a lobby to join to gain reviews or just to game but sadly I don't see it happening. For BHL to get back to the top of gaming commuties, marketing has to improve, there needs to be a push on social media such as Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Twitch ect.. we can't rely on jumping into a game of COD and one or two people join the site. After about an hour their interest will be lost and they won't return. As I said before, boosting was the main attraction and BHL were by far the best at it. Everyone knew that and wanted to stay to gain their ranks or get on a leaderboard. I have to agree with Rapidz, that this isn't BHL as a community's fault but it's the demand of a gaming sites fault. I hate to sound negative about it as BHL was F****** amazing and becsuse of this site most people lost weekends and summer holidays and couldn't wait to log on and meet their friends or new people. I genuinely hope that a solution is found that helps BHL become great again. Yours Truely, BHL MCKAY
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    @Mackay x 100% agree with the sentiment. I realised this a year or two back and raised the issue then, but there's realistically not much one can do. The issue is not and has never been the ranking system. Reviews were ridiculous to give out towards the end of the system and something needed to be done. I see the logic behind a post-based ranking system, but what it meant was people posting news topics - copied, might I add and yes it still bothers me - with no conversation happening beneath. You're right when you say it's not the site/staff's fault, or anyone's "fault" per se, it's just an advancement in the way people game now. People don't need to boost now, or they just enjoy the game too much to want to boost. There's a much more competitive aspect to online gaming now; look at Overwatch, COD or even Rocket League - people want to get better, not rank up as quickly as possible. Even Fifa is making much more of a competitive move. Furthermore, boosting became significantly more unreliable as each COD was released. In fact, it was more time consuming to set up a lobby than to just play the game naturally, so many people lost interest in that regard. As for clubs/communities, you're also correct in what you say. There's just not a need for a website devoted to boosting/gaming with one another because we have access to private discords with our friends and built-in systems such as the clubs that are arguably much more effective for finding people to game with. That being said, even if someone does come to us for a raid, for example - what's the likelihood they'll return? I can't say that I've intentionally played with someone more than once from an LFG site. It's a damn shame; there are people that I met on here 4-5 years ago that I still talk to today... unfortunately. Even when I was staff, I wanted to make things happen and wanted to see things improve, but there's just so little one can do about it. Yes, we can advertise more on social media and change the ranking system, but the harsh truth of the matter is that communities have become much more accessible since [email protected] was released. I don't need to log in to BHL because I have three different discord channels to talk to people in, or I have clubs/communities built into my console that allow me to find people to play with. Ultimately, while in the ideal world I would like to see BHL booming again, I just don't see it happening unless some drastic evolution is done - not that I'm too sure what the evolution would need to be, or whether it would be allowed to happen. Any who, nice to see everyone in the thread @DaRullo58 @MORTAL @DONALD TRUMP @Puggle @squirrels 36 , I trust you're all well. Not you Martyn.
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    I head off to MEPS next week to take my physical/verification test. As on now, I'm apart of the US Army.
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    I have been playing since launch day last Wednesday and got just under 24 hours play time recorded. Figured I would share some tips I picked up along the way, things I did that I shouldn't have etc. Firstly, complete the campaign before you do anything. Ignore the adventures as well. (yes they give high light level items but for the time it takes to complete them, to get 1 armour/ weapon piece, isn't worth it in my opinion - time better spent doing a public event) Once you complete the campaign, farm the heck out of lost sectors, public events, planetary chests, patrol missions and region chests. (Heroic public (link on how to activate heroic events is at the end of this post) events are your best bet for levelling up your light level fast, each event can give up to 3 planet tokens, chance for a legendary/ exotic engram and a guaranteed blue engram that 9/10 times has higher light level than your current equipment!) Whilst farming these events, collect tokens and world materials that are currency for the vendors on the different worlds. (Levelling up the vendors is also a highly effective way of getting a higher light, in fact you will need to do this to get past light level 260. - this type of farming can be done along side farming public events, just pick up a patrol mission here and there, keep an eye out for any chests and also any enemies that have a yellow health bar because they drop a chest full of goodies as well) A PRO tip that I learned too late, is to never do a quest that says in the reward section,' Powerful Reward'. - These rewards are either legendary or exotic engrams that give the most powerful weapons or armour in the game, they should only be completely when you are the highest light possible which is about light level 270 before things become too difficult to farm. These items come with a very high light level, sometimes 10 or 20 levels above your current equipment so try to stay away from those quests for as long as possible. Another useful tip is to always open your legendary/ exotic engrams as soon as you get them. They are already set with a light level when you get them, so saving them for when you get a higher light level doesn't work, best to open them asap so the next drop you get can be one of a higher level. Legendary shards - Currently only useful for infusing stuff until Xur comes next Friday, nobody knows how many shards we need for guns/ armour in the shop but its best to dismantle any legendary you get that you don't need or have duplicates of. No point stocking up on legendaries this early in the game, especially when your light level is always rising. Glimer - caps at 100,000. Currently has no use once your into late game (light level 240+) Heroic Events: I will periodically update this post when I learn of new things within the game, if anyone has any tips they have learned then please feel free to share them, we are all a community and learning together is always better!
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    Chat room bugs: - Changing chat rooms to PC Gaming launches a Babble forums page. You cannot change back to the BHL Gaming chat room. https://gyazo.com/f94b3a396c05e8c101183ba73ee5a311 - Unsure if I'd call this a bug, but it'd be nice to remove with .css Forum bugs: - The GamerTag box extrudes into the text section. - Discord Bot isn't posting to the Discord - Out of date version for the bot compared to what version IP.B is currently. That's about it for now! Thanks, TheGamingTray
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    I played the beta for a few hours, and honestly that was all that I could stand. It was refreshing to have different weapons that aren't futuristic, not have jetpacks, no high jumps, and other various crap that they decided to have the past few titles. However, I got really bored of the game within a few matches. I tried them all with Team Deathmath, Domination, Mosh Pit, and War. To be honest, War was my favorite game mode just because it reminded me of Battlefield's Rush. But that's the thing, Call of Duty appears to be trying to line up with Battlefield and the style it has. I'm not really digging it, but it's better than what they've done in the past. Personally I will not be pre-ordering it. I'll probably request it as a gift or something but I'm in no rush to get it. The mechanics of the game just seems off and a little boring. Maybe it's just still in Beta and has many changes to come that will change my mind, but until then I'll sit this one out.
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    I thought the beta was great. The games I played were extremely fast paced though. It was hard to build up streaks with the amount of changes in game all the time. Other than that small fact, it's really refreshing.
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    Hey all, Over the past few years, I've been involved with gaming communities and giving people the basics to boost their sites SEO and get them noticed. Yes, BHL was dedicated to boosting. Back in the day, that was the major thing. However, take a peek at today's gaming and you'll see some different styles. MLG is still going strong, along with just competitions in general. Apart from that, most gaming forums offer a lot more diverse aspects to their community. PC sections are huge to CS:GO and Minecraft, console games are huge on the latest games that are coming out or just recently came out. Take a look at our current forum structure. Most of it is inactive and haven't received a new post in a while. If it does, it's just because someone happened to login to BHL and notice a topic that interests them. Sad thing is, that topic might have been a few months ago or half a year ago. The site is growing inactive more and more. I believe it's because there is not a lot of people sparking new conversations and topics on the forums. Shoutbox messages doesn't get the site noticed. That doesn't boost us in SEO searches, so it doesn't help when people only post there. In my opinion, the entire forum structure needs to be changed and thought about for a good minute. If you load up five popular gaming forums, you'll notice a trend. 1. Forum structure is easy to understand, and is simplified 2. Forum nodes focus on the most active games or topics, the rest are categorized into sub categories, for they are inactive most the times. 3. Gaming news and reviews are huge for these forums, in fact, that's a huge reason why they are #1 - #5 and are active with millions of posts. 4. Gaming products are apart of that forum, due to their huge active base of people. People go there to learn more about it. 5. Most, if not all, of the gaming communities are highly active on Social Media such as Twitter and Facebook. This is a HUGE way to advertise. I think for the most part, the site is outdated and boring to look at. The forum structure is cluttered, we have some childish effects on names (patron is one) and a strange rank structure. I'll always be apart of BHL, but I would love to see a change to a more modern gaming community. Thanks, TheGamingTray
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    Guys follow my channel on mixer please: https://mixer.com/Maximus_Plebius
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    I'm gonna go to Taco Bell and try to win 1.
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    Hello everybody. While many changes/ideas could be implemented to try and improve site traffic, the one simplest thing we can all be doing is to get on the site on a daily basis and be active on the shoutbox, myself included. Shoutbox activity is something we can all help improve and we need to. I think this is where we need to start. What good would rank or reviews be, if theres noone on the shoutbox. Lets try and fix something we all can first, the rest will follow. Mortal
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    I just threw suggestions out, I personally don't care about ranking systems etc, but like Brett said, It is aggravating to log on here and see no one on the SB. I remember a time where it was spammed consistently and everyone was around. I don't have a solution to the problem and no one really does, if we did we obviously wouldn't be here right now. I am in the same boat as you guys I rarely play xbox anymore and rarely log onto BHL however, I have had a Madden obsession lately which got me a little more interested in gaming again , COD just isn't what it was and has gone down hill over the years. Whether BHL's problem is rank, advertisement, lack off effort or the site having issues we don't know. We have to come together and try different things to see where it will go. The next COD in November looks some what decent , I personally say we get something planned before it releases and try to fix whatever this is before then. Like I said, I made this post for opinions on how to fix the site and not just about ranks.
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    I say we just gather everyone's opinions and take it all in. New releases are coming in soon and we still have traffic popping in and out of the forums, discord and etc....Facebook and all can still get back to being active since we have followers. We just need to show activity :P
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    I might be insanely out of touch, not logging in for some time now. But Ranks can be intimidating to people nowadays. A lot of what I saw back in the day was people wanting to rank up, but became discouraged when there wasn't that many people on to review. Don't get me wrong, I loved going through the process. I was always excited to have something to work towards, but I believe BHL, in it's current state, is unable to accommodate such an environment as of now. I've logged in here and there for the past few weeks and it's discouraging to see the last shoutbox messages being sent 3+ hours ago when I want to stop in and say "Hi." I think to new people, it's an immediate turn off. I don't necessarily have a suggestion to fix it, just my observation. I think looking at ranks is the wrong way to go. Especially when the active members is what makes that system work. I think the main focus needs to be activity. As soon as a new member signs up, even people just talking on the chat box might make them speak up and once they join a game, I truly believe they'll come back for more once they meet the great people that are here. Just kind of spitballing and pitching in my 2 cents.
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    I have to agree mostly with Rapid. I do not think that most people who play any kind of multiplayer game care about gaming communities forums and what not. Nor would they care about reviews or post counts and what not. I think that most people just want some good and cool people to play with and enjoy the time with, wether or not it is a gaming community or not. I don't think that a change to the current system should even be on the mind considering the main topic is activity within the community. Not saying that this system or the previous was good or bad but I don't see that as a priority at this point. I know I myself have just outgrown gaming TBH. I play every now and again but probably for no more than an hour at a time. That being said, I just recently got EA Access and have been playing star wars battlefront. Haven't gotten to installing Hardline yet but Defo need to, would love to play with anyone who has those when I'm online. With everything that has happened, I think that a sense of community within the games is most important. Not the website. The site is secondary IMO. Not saying its not important, but people don't want to come on here just to chat all the time. People want to play. I hope all goes well for the future with the community and everyone apart of it, and I wish you all the best and I wish I could be a part of it.
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    I believe everything that is being handled right this moment is the best. We aren't trying to much but we are doing enough. Meaning...new games come and they go. We have the site, Check! We have Discord, Check! Yes of course activity is slow, but flow of traffic is coming through and going. So that is there. People stay quiet but are still eye ball on! I say leave everything like it is now, dont try to much and just try some. When we see change we then can cope with it and make changes as well!
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    The site just needs a whole makeover, I guess you would call it. Rank system, recruiting, update the teams etc
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    Yeah, I agree completely. Hell, I actually stopped gaming for 2 years straight and didn't even get the xbox one until this past November.
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    So gonna be brutally honest here. BHLs activity used to rise and fall by Call of Duty. There's no hiding behind it there's no point trying to say otherwise. Come November the site would be rammed with people, shoutbox was spammed like all hell and come end of summer with people going back to school/college the site would slow down a little. BHLs downfall has gone hand in hand with Call of Duty's, but also the fact that people have just seemed to have outgrown sites like BHL. Granted I don't come on very much, mostly to check to see if the sites still going tbh, but I'd be pretty confident in saying currently most of the active members on here are people that have being around a while and probably in their late teens early 20s. I really don't think any ranking structure changes is going to make a blind bit of difference. Best thing to do in my opinion is wait for the launch of the new Call of Duty, branch our properly to all platforms, xBox, PS and PC. Hope the games a hit and try keep the members that will join BHL in November for the games launch around. I wish you guys the best of luck with everything
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    I'm not big into it either , I know some people are so I thought I would mention it and go from there. I agree, I wouldn't mind going back to the way it was I just think a change needs to happen. Also a few tweaks to the review system would help if you know what i mean. Yeah [patron]Puggle[/patron] I agree . The Bot was big in the community and now its completely dead. Even if we go back to the old ways im ok with it I just think a few adjustments could be made.