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      Wrong rank?   07/29/2017

      Please contact an MT or post: http://bhlgaming.com/forums/topic/1668887625-missingdifferent-ranks   There was a 'major' software update, and caused BHL Patron, Patriot, Benefactor, Veteran, Elite, Angel of Death, and possibly more to be reset to the ranks based on forums post count.

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About This File

Don't forget to rehash and resign.


Complete this Saveset in this order:

"Main 1"

"Main 2"


These are in the order I received them, So do them from Top to bottom.

Name: Checkpoint: Description:

Troll Slayer - Where is triss Merigold? 05:03 - Walk forward to the troll and kill him

Blackops - Where is triss Merigold? 05:38 - Walk to the cave

Spellbreaker - The Spellbreaker 07:14 - Wait for cutscene, Kill the element once needed. Then loot the chest for the spellblade. Once you have the spellblade wait for the achievement to pip

Dragonheart - [Autosave] Enter the Dragon 07:25 - Climb the wall and fight the dragon(Use IGNI and dodge as i forgot to upgrade my sword), Once the dragon impales itself on a tree choose to Spare Saskia

Credit: http://www.xpgamesaves.com/files/file/5143-the-witcher-2/