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  1. The Witcher 2 Gamesave Set

    Don't forget to rehash and resign.
    Complete this Saveset in this order:
    "Main 1"
    "Main 2"
    These are in the order I received them, So do them from Top to bottom.
    Name: Checkpoint: Description:
    Troll Slayer - Where is triss Merigold? 05:03 - Walk forward to the troll and kill him
    Blackops - Where is triss Merigold? 05:38 - Walk to the cave
    Spellbreaker - The Spellbreaker 07:14 - Wait for cutscene, Kill the element once needed. Then loot the chest for the spellblade. Once you have the spellblade wait for the achievement to pip
    Dragonheart - [Autosave] Enter the Dragon 07:25 - Climb the wall and fight the dragon(Use IGNI and dodge as i forgot to upgrade my sword), Once the dragon impales itself on a tree choose to Spare Saskia
    Credit: http://www.xpgamesaves.com/files/file/5143-the-witcher-2/



  2. Halo Wars - All Offline Set

    Halo wars Set from 360 Gamesaves -
    Save set by sqix
    Own Worst Enemy - Repack/Readme by M4H
    This should be close to all if not all of the offline achievements. If you need help I would highly suggest getting on youtube and watching the videos for the skulls/boxes, they can be a little tricky. I have tried to descrive each save as easy and simply as I could.
    Big thanx to Lima for hosting the file.Thanx to Kero for the great feedback. Thanx to willynelson (Own Worst Enemy). Thanx to sqix (Detour the Great Journey). Thanx to cakernag (Mr punctual)
    Legendary -
    Mission 1 - Load, kill the last group of enemies in to your left.
    Mission 2 - Load, kill the hunters in front of you and the detonator.
    Mission 3 & Ice Warriors - Load and let the tanks roll into the landing zone.
    Mission 4 - Load and mission complete.
    Mission 5 - Load and mission complete.
    Mission 6 - Load, fire the mac cannon and blow up what you can can. Then press "B" to cancel and the cpu will take over and do the rest.
    Mission 7 & Key to Pirth - Load and mission complete.
    Mission 8 - Load and mission complete.
    Mission 9 - Load and mission complete.
    Mission 10 - Load and mission complete.
    Mission 11 & Ugly is only skin deep - Load and mission complete.
    Mission 12 - Load and mission complete.
    Mission 13 - Load and mission complete.
    Mission 14 - Load and mission complete.
    Mission 15 - Load and mission complete.
    If done right mission 15 save will pop
    "No way Home", "Adjudicate the Arbiter" and "Detour the great journey"
    Non-Legendary Folders
    Mission 1 (Own Worst Enemy) - Load and kill the last group of enemies.
    Mission 1 (Skull, Box, Gold) - Load grab the skull and box and then kill the last group of enemies on the map (big purple dot)
    Mission 2 (Skull, Box, Endless Fun) - Grab the skull next to you, then go scroll to the top left of the map and grab the box, then with that group blow up the tanks directly next to box.
    Mission 3 (Skull, Box, Gold) - From the start u will at the box. There is no mini-map follow the path down to the land zone. From the go all the way north until you see the skull with some men there to pick it up. Finally go to the landing zone and send some troops in, mission over. Pops Ice Warriors when you beat the stage. End of act 1.
    Mission 4 (Skull, Box, Gold) - From the start you will be at the box. Then go to the Far East you will see a hornet next to the skull. Beat the stage and load up the next save "The Real Winner". Save for the achievement.
    Mission 5 (Skull, Box) - From the start u will be at the box. Then go north West and u will see the skull with a hornet next to it.
    Mission 6 (Skull, Box, Rhino Hugger) - From the start you will be at the box. Head over to the base and you will see the skull in the hanger. For Rhino Hugger, before setting the last Rhino in place make sure all the rhinos have full hp. Also it is sitting just outside the number 4 ring. This achievement is tricky. Might take a few tries.
    Mission 7 (Micro Manager) - Micro Manager, Walk-Off Winner and Key to Pirth,
    Kill the scarab by hitting the d-pad and selecting the mac cannon then target the scarab. End of act 2. Make sure to unlock Ice warriors before using this save.
    Mission 7 (Skull, Box) - From the start you will be at the box. From there go west until you see the skull.
    Mission 8 (Skull, Box) - From the start you will be at the box, Find the Spartans to the northwest and pick up the skull.
    Mission 9 (Skull, Box, Sweet Naptime, Gold) - From the start you will be at the box. Head over to the base and the skull is to the east of it. Sweet Naptime, Just kill the boss, the setup I have will kill the other Colonies as they respawn.
    Mission 10 (Skull, Box, The Procrastinator) - From the start you are at the skull, head west on the mini map which will be going straight up. You will come to the warthog with the box. From there head north on the mini map which be to the right and you will see the last tractor beam and the vehicle. Put it in place for The Procrastinator.
    Mission 11 (Skull, Box, Battened Down The Hatches, Ugly is only Skin Deep, Gold) - From the start you will be at the box head over to the front of the ship and you will see the skull and a hornet. For Battened Down the Hatches, Finish killing all the flood it should pop. For Ugly is only Skin Deep beat the mission.
    Mission 12 (Skull, Box, Gold, Epic Grinder) - From the start you will be at the box head over to the front of the ship and you will see the skull and a hornet. Finish repairing the ship and you should get Epic Grinder as well.
    Mission 13 (Skull, Box, Gold) -
    From the start you will be at the skull, head north east, you will see the box with a vulture. Finish the mission to get gold.
    Mission 14 (Skull, Box, Didn't Get to the Second Base) - From the start you will be at the box, head north and the skull is next to a hornet near the 3rd base. Didn't Get To Second Base, after getting the box and skull take the elephant and place it into the last place.
    Mission 15 (Skull Box No Way Home Thinkin' About My Doorbell, Graverobber, Gold) - From the start you will be at the skull. Head to base 2 and pick up the box. Active the gate at the bottom to unlock Thinkin' about My Doorbell
    , Detour the Great Journey, Complete the Campaign on Legendary Difficulty. Will unlock Adjudicate the Arbiter.
    Mr. Punctual - If you have done all the other saves, use these last ones and it should pop after the last level.



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  4. Watch Dogs Modded Starter Save Max Skill Points, Max XP, All Guns, All Outfits

    Watch Dogs Modded Starter Save

    Max Money
    Max Skill Points
    Max XP
    All Guns
    All Outfits

    Rehash and Resign with your ID's
    Load up and Enjoy
    Credit: http://www.xpgamesaves.com/files/file/5098-watch-dogs-modded-starter-save-max-skill-points-max-xp-all-guns-all-outfits/



  5. Watch Dogs Modded Starter Save

    Max Money
    Level 50
    Some weapons
    10 minutes game time played
    Max Skills
    Max XP

    1. Extract SaveGame.dat in 360 Revolution/Horizon
    2. Replace with SaveGame.dat Modded 360 Revolutions/Horizon
    3. Copy your ID's
    4. Rehash & Resign
    Credit: http://www.xpgamesaves.com/files/file/5094-v2team-xpg-watch-dogs-starter-save/



  6. Payday 2 Max Saves

    What this contains.
    Level 1 Save
    Level 4 Save
    Level 9 Save
    Level 24 Save
    Level 49 Save
    Level 74 Save
    Level 99 Save

    All saves are one level below what you need so you will need to play a quick mission to gain some xp for the next level. ( except for the level 1 save )
    Having these will unlock the rep achievements
    You Gotta Start Somewhere
    Guilty of Crime
    Smooth Criminal
    Armed and Dangerous
    Career Criminal
    Most Wanted

    These saves also contain
    1000 Skills ( You will need to go into your skill window to max these out )
    999,999,999 Cash in your current and offshore accounts.
    All the weapons are unlocked.
    All the armor is unlocked.
    !!! ALL MASK ARE NOW UNLOCKED !!! ( Yes I got there finally )

    Make sure you give them a quick rehash and resign as they will have my ID's.
    Credit: http://www.xpgamesaves.com/files/file/4238-payday-2-max-saves/



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  8. Borderlands 2 Modded Save

    All 5 characters lvl 61 with modded gear
    How to use this file click here - http://bhlgaming.com/forums/topic/1668859339-gamesave-sharing/



  9. Assassin`s Creed IV:Black Flag 99% Sync Gamesave

    All challenges are complete

    99% game completion

    All Jackdaw upgrades

    "Home Town" fully upgraded

    All areas discovered

    Remember to rehash and resign your save.
    Credit: ashx



  10. Skyrim God Mode Starter Save

    Here is the skyrim save before Character Creation so you can make and name your own Character.
    Whats in this save:
    Base Stats are at 100
    Modded stats are 9999
    Full set of Deadric armor
    Full set of Deadric weapons
    999,999 deadric Arrows
    9,999,999 Gold
    999 dragon souls (Do not unlock the dragon shouts that dont have Symbols)
    All Spells and Shouts
    Health Magicka and Stamina at 9999
    100,000 Carry Weight
    5 lock picks (You don't need that much if you spec in Unbreakable)
    How to use this file - http://bhlgaming.com/forums/topic/1668859339-gamesave-sharing/



  11. Dead Island God Save

    All 4 characters lvl 60
    Every weapon in the game
    All modded with max damage and 1 hit kill
    All characters share all the skill trees
    Unlimited Fury, (can only be cancelled when talking to an npc)
    Modded Exp per kill
    and 200k + money pick ups.



  12. GTA V 100% With UFO Easter Egg

    you will spawn in the spaceship car at the top of mountain chilliad while the UFO is hovering in the air!
    It unlock 3 advanced achievements (they will pop in after loading and changing characters): San Andreas Sightseer, Multi-Disciplined and Close Shave.
    Instructions: After downloading the save, Rehash and Resign using xbox mod tools like Horizon or modio.