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  4. Clash Royale 3 years

    Congrats mate
  5. Clash Royale 3 years

    lol congrats i guess
  6. Clash Royale 3 years

    Well it is the day when i started playing clash royale
  7. Almost 3 years...We still miss you man 

  8. Boost RDR2 Online, it's good for your soul.

  9. Add me on PS4 we can play whatever Zero_or_The_Hero

  10. 9 Years.... :L:

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    2. Marty


      Aye it's only been about 7 of them you've been inactive :Babysmile:

    3. lz Rapidz zl

      lz Rapidz zl

      Its about 7 years inactive for all of the old group ;)

    4. dantheman



  11. Add me if you want to Boost BO4

  12. WW2 Boosting Lobby (Xbox)

    Ill join
  13. Hey people, hope everyone is well and looking forward to christmas. Be safe over the holidays guys.
    If anyone got PS4 and wanna catch up or anything more than welcome to add me always room for fellow BHL members.
    PSN: xHargreaves

  14. Add me on xbox if you want to play Red Dead Redemption II when online comes out. GT: Sarver

  15. If you're on PC and want to play BO4 - Gotcha#11158

  16. Getting RDR2 on xb1 hit me up with a comment with your GT, FYI my GT is SubstantialCalf, previously Massachewtits

    1. Fwaego


      I like that old Gt you from Mass?

    2. Nuke


      Im downloading it today. GT "Sarver". 

  17. Looking to play some Bo4 on xb1, feel free to add me. My gamertag is Mercz x 0

  18. Who's Playing?

    I play it on the Xbox one and pre-ordered black ops 4.
  19. New Destiny Clan

    I take it no one is Destiny 2?
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  22. So while there are no obviously incomplete challenges here like there have been in preceding weeks, I still am somewhat skeptical that this is the last list. Search between picture titles was listed last week when Fortnite's challenges leaked, but fortnite items was apparently pushed to the week, and I would expect it to actually land this time since this is now the final week. I do not believe that"Skydive through floating rings" is going to become an actual challenge. Last week we had"visit Taco shops" recorded as a leaked question, which was a clear repeat, and it eventually shifted to"visit the middle of named locations in one match." Given that this is week 10, I have to feel that Epic is most likely planning something that has to do with the rocket launch wake and fact breaches which are beginning to appear on the map (visit 3 puzzle portals or something). Skydiving through rings again as a last week challenge doesn't add up to me, so I'd expect this one to change. But we'll see. The rest of those? They might just stay. There's also a flat"get 10 kills" obstacle which we do not see frequently, so that's interesting. Simply make sure three of those are at Fatal Fields I guess, although I hate that portion of the map. The Chest, Ammo Box and Supply Drop challenge might also only be"loot a source fall" given that in any game you're almost surely going to be looting a torso and ammo box at some point, unless you are dying incredibly premature. Kind of a weird challenge if you ask me, but okay. Again, I would keep your eye on that rings struggle, as I expect that it's likely to change as the week moves on. We'll have our final week Fortnite guides up Thursday morning to assist you finish whatever the final listing ends up being, so stay tuned for this. buy fortnite weapons should be a somewhat simple week to finish if you're still searching for this blockbuster skin, so don't skip it out. And I believe you are likely to want to be playing anyhow this week, as I'd expect this crack in the sky and rifts on the ground to start performing...strange things as time goes on, especially since season 4 comes to a close.
  23. Anyone up for The Darkest Shore EE? Need to get the secret achievement that requires you to get 250 kills in 1 match with the pommel. Just message me "Invite?" on XBL (Xbox Live), here, or on Discord if interested. *Gamertag is same as username.
  24. Darkest Shore Achievement Hunting

    Anyone up for The Darkest Shore EE? Need to get the secret achievement that requires you to get 250 kills in 1 match with the pommel. Just message me "Invite?" on XBL (Xbox Live), here, or on Discord if interested. *Gamertag is same as username.
  25. What’s up man 

    1. Mackay x

      Mackay x

      How's it going Charlie?



      Good man. You got discord?

  26. Fortnite/Pubg

    I play on pc u will need to add me on epic games my gt is Martlex
  27. Easy way to get free gems with Bing Rewards

    I love bing rewards and now i always use bing instead of google for searching. I read about bing rewards at http://bingrewards.info
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