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  2. Having Played The Beta....

    well I'd love to get the game, looks great. Unfortunately i haven't even picked up destiny 2 and doesnt look like ill be heading back to gaming for a while. :(
  3. Last week
  4. Signature of the Month: December 2013 Voting!!

    lol look at these! back in the day :)
  5. New Destiny Clan

    Zen started a new clan we have sent invites to all that we could as I type this. Here is the link https://www.bungie.net/en/ClanV2/Chat?groupId=2552795 I would assume you can request to join from there if not add me on xbox (Privatepyle187) and I will take care of getting you invited. We have room for your friends, just have them become a member to the site and we will get them in the clan!!!
  6. Missing/Different Ranks

    This post is for the Veteran Rank not the award. I don't know why you would be missing any awards as this is the first report of this. I will look into it.
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  8. Destiny 2 Fails

    Updated ;)
  9. My ban of Pokemon Go

    Eh, the game stopped being fun after the first week. I removed the app and probably will never download it again. The only way to play it was to bot it. Heh.
  10. Destiny 2 Fails

    These are great, lmao. Cannot wait for more clips!
  11. Missing/Different Ranks

    Been a while but last a seen I was vet. May have removed it since then been that long.
  12. Getting a raid team together for destiny 2. Plan to do it tomorrow 6pm GMT. Currently got me at 282 light and a friend at 283 light. Message me if your interested 

  13. My ban of Pokemon Go

    You should appeal it
  14. My ban of Pokemon Go

    I think everyone here got banned for the same thing. I did on 3 seperate accounts
  15. I head off to MEPS next week to take my physical/verification test. As on now, I'm apart of the US Army.

    1. Nuke


      What mos? Im a 13B. Hooah!

    2. TheGamingTray


      I haven't fully decided. Was going to do 11B and work my way up to Ranger school or something else. Maybe I'll get into satellite repair. 

  16. My ban of Pokemon Go

    lol i just wanted to post this......i got banned last year because i was spawning in different countries every 30 mins. I got away with it for a month and when i left my computer alone, power went out, reset it self and got detected!
  17. Destiny 2! ...is a disease!


    1. Desimis Blade

      Desimis Blade

      I've got a fever, and the only prescription is more Destiny 2!Walken-Cowbell.jpg

  18. Missing/Different Ranks

    Missing Vet Thanks
  19. Missing/Different Ranks

    set as specialist donator instead of Patron. Cant see any ranks missing atm tho.
  20. Destiny 2 Fails

    Please keep them coming.
  21. Destiny 2 Fails

  22. Some tips I have learned

    I have been playing since launch day last Wednesday and got just under 24 hours play time recorded. Figured I would share some tips I picked up along the way, things I did that I shouldn't have etc. Firstly, complete the campaign before you do anything. Ignore the adventures as well. (yes they give high light level items but for the time it takes to complete them, to get 1 armour/ weapon piece, isn't worth it in my opinion - time better spent doing a public event) Once you complete the campaign, farm the heck out of lost sectors, public events, planetary chests, patrol missions and region chests. (Heroic public (link on how to activate heroic events is at the end of this post) events are your best bet for levelling up your light level fast, each event can give up to 3 planet tokens, chance for a legendary/ exotic engram and a guaranteed blue engram that 9/10 times has higher light level than your current equipment!) Whilst farming these events, collect tokens and world materials that are currency for the vendors on the different worlds. (Levelling up the vendors is also a highly effective way of getting a higher light, in fact you will need to do this to get past light level 260. - this type of farming can be done along side farming public events, just pick up a patrol mission here and there, keep an eye out for any chests and also any enemies that have a yellow health bar because they drop a chest full of goodies as well) A PRO tip that I learned too late, is to never do a quest that says in the reward section,' Powerful Reward'. - These rewards are either legendary or exotic engrams that give the most powerful weapons or armour in the game, they should only be completely when you are the highest light possible which is about light level 270 before things become too difficult to farm. These items come with a very high light level, sometimes 10 or 20 levels above your current equipment so try to stay away from those quests for as long as possible. Another useful tip is to always open your legendary/ exotic engrams as soon as you get them. They are already set with a light level when you get them, so saving them for when you get a higher light level doesn't work, best to open them asap so the next drop you get can be one of a higher level. Legendary shards - Currently only useful for infusing stuff until Xur comes next Friday, nobody knows how many shards we need for guns/ armour in the shop but its best to dismantle any legendary you get that you don't need or have duplicates of. No point stocking up on legendaries this early in the game, especially when your light level is always rising. Glimer - caps at 100,000. Currently has no use once your into late game (light level 240+) Heroic Events: I will periodically update this post when I learn of new things within the game, if anyone has any tips they have learned then please feel free to share them, we are all a community and learning together is always better!
  23. Bug Report - September 2017

    Last one that I noticed: It's just a tad off-center.
  24. Bug Report - September 2017

    Room bug fixed. Copyright notice removed.
  25. we aint your average joooeeesss 

  26. Destiny 2 Launch live stream

    I’ll be watching! Cannot wait.
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