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  4. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds? add me on steam: bhl_beastly 

    1. Shox


      Can't find any results for bhl_beastly. Try ishox2711

    2. Beastly


      You on the bhl discord? We play it a ton on there

  5. Found a way to Boost on ESO. Add me on xbox if you're interested. (Dolmen runs)

  6. hey, I'm interested! my GT is: PURE MONEY 3s thankyou
  7. Starting a Youtube channel can only be done by yourself, its something that if becomes successful will stick with you for years so you need a name that best represents you and a name that is either funny, stands out or sticks with viewers, and thats not something that can be decided for you.
  8. What do u mean?
  9. Man it's been a while, Whassup everyone

  10. Hey guys i'm think about starting a youtube channel, can you guys help me with the name? Thank you :)
  11. A little bit late but congrats you two! Well deserved!
  12. Has anyone used this? Is it legit?
  13. Torquay hit 35 today , wow its so hot in the UK right now

    1. Pit Stains

      Pit Stains

      I wish it was 95 here. It's 112...

  14. You could add me Headsniper if you want some boost. I usually go online on weekend, the but you also probably see me at late hours in Friday. Just add me and i will be happy to play along with you.
  15. Yea I think molt and Nick just seem to have more fun with it and I find that more relatable
  16. Rise of the Tomb Raider. Its lucky enough that he allowed me to borrow him so i could play it.
  17. I am still playing Rocket League even though the player base is not that big. Microsoft announced there would be cross play between Switch and PC. It would much players on it.
  18. Wow, your playing is really good. Could you try it on hard mode?
  19. There are many many players left? The last time i check it the lobby was looks empty.
  20. i do on ps3.
  21. Do someone still play Black Ops?
  22. ps4

    Nope not seeing Monopoly would be interesting, but i play COD a lot.
  23. I just hope that they are back with modern war theme, but seeing this one is already making me relived since i am so tired with futuristic COD.
  24. I don't really think so, but the game looks very promising. I just hope its not cancelled like what they did with Scalebound.
  25. Its better than i thought, at least its better than Far Cry 4. Hope they could bring back the tropical island setting.
  26. iiSoReckless ADD MEEEEEEE
  27. Oh boy! Large Congrats!
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